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File Format
Name Quick Install Maker
Extension(s) .qim
Released Mid-1990s?
Not to be confused with Install Maker.

Quick Install Maker was a program by "MJK Software Writers, Inc." (which seems to have consisted solely of Mark A. Hale of Florida[1][2]) for generating Windows installers. It mostly seems to have been intended for creation floppy disk and CD-ROM-based installers, although there is an option to package the installer and installation files in a ZIP file as well. It had 3 major versions: Quick Install Maker 16-bit, an apparently short-lived[3] Quick Install Maker 98, and Quick Install Maker 2000.

It uses the extension ".qim". In Quick Install Maker 16-bit, there is just one file, an INI-based file "[project name].qim", which holds everything. In Quick Install Maker 2000, the project format consists of two files: an INI-based file with configuration for the appearance, text, etc. of the install program; and a second file, named the same as the first except prefixed with an "f", which holds a text-based list of files to be bundled into the installer (the "f" can be taken as standing for "files"). The first is presented as "the" project file in the save dialogue, but the second is just as necessary.

Updates of Quick Install Maker stopped in 2003.[4]



In Quick Install Maker 16-bit, the file begins with [MJKSW-QIM].

In Quick Install Maker 2000, the main settings file begins with a section called "Setup Screen"; thus it starts [Startup Screen]. The files file seems to always began with a line Installation Directory,.



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