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File Format
Name Install Maker
Extension(s) .iit, .iip, .imt
Released 1998 or 1999
Not to be confused with Quick Install Maker.

Clickteam Install Maker, known after 2003[1] (presumably with the release of v. 2.0) as Install Creator, with variants Install Maker Pro and Install Creator Pro, is a Windows program that generates installers. Like most other installer generators, it tries to imitate the output of InstallShield. The program was released in either 1998[2] or 1999[3], and, as of 2020, the last released version[4] has a copyright date of 2015, presumably indicating that development has stopped.

Like with other installers, Install Maker project files do not store copies of files to be included in the installation, only references, which are only incorporated when the installer is built.



The regular editions of both Install Maker and Install Creator use the extension ".iit" for their main files, and the "Pro" editions of both use the extension ".iip". Install Creator added "template" files, which have the extension ".imt" in both editions.


An examined version of Install Maker[5] made .iit files beginning with 03 00 01 00, whereas the Pro version with the same version number makes .iip files beginning with 03 00 02 00. Install Creator's project files (.iit) seem[6][7] to begin with ASCII IC , whereas Install Creator Pro's project files (.iip) begin with ASCII ICP [8][9]. Both editions of Install Creator have template files (.imt) apparently beginning with ?? 06 05 00.


Many more versions of Install Creator can be found from copies of the Clickteam website in the Wayback Machine.


See Also


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