High Capacity Color Barcode

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File Format
Name High Capacity Color Barcode


The High Capacity Color Barcode is a two-dimensional square "bar code" (actually using triangles rather than bars) developed by Microsoft and used in the Microsoft Tag system. As the name implies, the color of the triangles is relevant to their meaning, though there is also a monochrome version. Codes can be created with a two, four, or eight color palette.

These bar codes are generally used to store web links associated with products, signs, and the like, similar to the manner that QR codes are used. Though this is a Microsoft technology, reader apps exist for iOS and Android devices as well as those running Microsoft operating systems. Unlike QR codes, which can be made to link directly to a site of the code creator's choice, Microsoft Tag codes are designed to send the user through a Microsoft server, thus making the continued functionality of the codes dependent on Microsoft continuing to maintain the service, and making it possible for Microsoft to keep tabs on usage by consumers and businesses (and possibly start charging for the currently-free service in the future).


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