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File Format
Name QR code
Wikidata ID Q12203
Released 1994

QR code that goes to File Format Wiki

QR code that goes to File Format Wiki

QR codes (Quick Response) are a type of 2-dimensional bar code which is currently very popular. Originally designed for industrial use in tracking items as they move around a warehouse or factory, they are currently mainly used to provide hyperlinks in ads, articles, and signs which somebody with an appropriate reader (such as apps for a smartphone) can use to retrieve what is generally a URL linking into the Web, though other kinds of content can also be stored. SPARQCode is one of the methods used for standardizing the encoding of URLs and other specific kinds of data within a QR code. A company named DENSO-WAVE, which originally invented the codes, owns a trademark on the name "QR code", as well as various patents covering the technology, but allows free use of them as long as the standards are followed. They run the official QR Code website.



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