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File Format
Name GeoJP2
Extension(s) .jp2
MIME Type(s) image/jp2

GeoJP2 is an extension of the JP2 image format that enables one to include geospatial metadata in georeferenced JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) images. This is done by using two UUID boxes:

  • A GeoTIFF box, which contains a degenerate GeoTIFF file
  • A world file box, which contains a World File

GeoJP2 files can be read by normal JP2 / JPEG 2000 utilities, though they may unintentionally strip out the geospatial data in the process.


Licensing and trademark issues

GeoJP2 was first implemented by Mapping Science Inc., which made the specification available under certain licensing restrictions. Mapping Science was subsequently bought by LizardTech, Inc., which made the specification publicly available. Interestingly, LizardTech advises against using the term "GeoJP2" because of trademark issues, but it doesn't provide any alternative name (other than "The GeoTIFF Box Specification for JPEG 2000 Metadata").

See also

  • GMLJP2 is an alternative, XML-based standard for embedding geospatial metadata in JPEG 2000 images.


  • GeoJP2 (unofficial?) specification.

Sample files

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