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This category includes formats and specifications to the 1997 PC port of the survival-horror game, Resident Evil. As this was a PC port of a Playstation original, some formats overlap with those on the Playstation.


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Extension Description
.BIN Unknown
.BGZ Background images (Gamecube version)
.BSS Background images (Playstation version)
.DAT Unknown
.DOR Door animation
.EMD Enemy/player 3D model
.EMW Player 3D model with weapon?
.ESP Unknown
.ETM Texture IMage, see .TIM
.HED Unknown (Playstation version)
.HSB Unknown (Playstation version)
.IVM Texture IMage, see .TIM
.PAK Background images (PC version)
.PIX Raw 16 bits image
.PTC Raw 24-bit image
.RDT Room description
.RGB Raw 24-bit image (Playstation version)
.STF Unknown (Playstation version)
.STR Movies (Playstation version)
.TIM Texture IMage
.VB Waveform data format for ADPCM (Playstation version)
.TMD 3D model
.XAS CD-ROM XA audio stream (Playstation version)
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