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File Format
Name Wink
Extension(s) .wnk
Released 2003[1]

Wink is a Windows XP program written by Satish Sampath[2] (A.K.A. S. Satish Kumar[3], also using the pseudo-corporation "Debugmode") whose purpose is to create animated Flash tutorials for software, based on a series of screenshots given to it. Wink uses a slide ("frame")-based presentation system. To create a Wink tutorial, the user first takes a series of screenshots of the software or other thing to be used as a tutorial, which become the basic slides of the project, then adds annotations, audio, animations and transitions, links to URIs or to other slides, etc.

The project can be exported to compressed or uncompressed Flash; a Portable Executable (the default executable format for the platform) in which it is embedded with a sort of interpreter called the "Debugmode Wink Player"; a static Postscript or PDF file, in which case the frames are embedded as images into the output file; or a static HTML file, in which case the frames, as images, are put into a separate directory in the same location as the exported file (the data URI scheme, which would allow for direct embedding, was not in wide use at the time).

Wink was used for tutorials for other software by the same author, among them Wax and Winmorph.

The last release of Wink was in 2008.[4]


Wink projects appear to start with the ASCII magic number RPKWI. They have the extension ".wnk".



  1. Date of (earliest copy); appearance of link on the homepage of that website coincides
  4. Date of the file in, the latest (officially-linked) version as of the time of writing (2019)
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