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File Format
Name UltraEdit wordfile
Extension(s) .uew

UltraEdit wordfiles (which, for a change, use "Word file" in a context unrelated to Microsoft) are used by the UltraEdit text editor from IDM Computer Solutions to control the syntax highlighting of files based on what format (e.g., a programming language or markup language) the file is in. For instance, if you have a Python wordfile installed, Python program code will be shown with keywords and structures of Python highlighted, by specially coloring parts of the file and by showing matching parentheses/brackets/etc. File extensions are used to determine the file type for highlighting purposes, overrideable by the "View As" menu item.


Use of files

In UltraEdit prior to version 15.0, there is just one wordfile used by the program, with all different languages placed within it. This file can be found at the location shown in the configuration section (Advanced : Configuration : Editor Display : Syntax Highlighting). Up to 20 languages can be coded in the file.

In versions 15.0 and up, you can have multiple files, and an entire directory is set in the configuration from which any files you place there are activated. This directory is, by default, within the Windows "appfile" directory for the relevant user (\users\username\AppData\Roaming in Windows 7) under \IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles. Usually only one language is coded per file, though up to 20 can be used as with the earlier versions since the file format remains the same.


The files are expected to be in ASCII format, with DOS-style line breaks (CR+LF).

A language definition begins with /L followed by a number (in multi-language files for versions prior to 15.0, the number must be unique between all the languages in the file and in the range of 1 through 20) and then the language name within double quotes. Some more configuration follows on the same line, and then a number of lines for the keyword definitions for the language, with lines starting with a slash marking special controls.

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