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File Format
Name Timeline Maker
Extension(s) .tlm, .tlmp, .tlm3, .tlm4, .tlmz
PRONOM fmt/1487
Released 2002

Timeline Maker is software developed by Progeny Software. Software is used to create timelines and charts from data which includes visualizing project ghatt charts, genealogical data, historical data, etc. Software is currently released in a Pro version, but has released standard and student versions[1][2].


File Information

  • TLM Pro v4 Files (.tlm4)
  • TLM Pro v3 Files (.tlm3)
  • TLM Pro Files (.tlmp)
  • TLM Student Files (.tlm)
  • TLM Package Files (.tlmz)

Format Identification

All .TLM* files begin with a 32 byte header. Original v2 TLM files begin with the values B7D0BD924A584248A775ACA712FC4084, but later versions exported to a TLM Student file used the values 06350501850F4926987292C87C53AD7F

Version of file seems to be the 32 byte after the header.

TLMZ package is a ZIP package containing the pro file with accompanying attachments[3] .

Software & Sample Files


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  2. https://www.timelinemaker.com/online-help/ver.4/en/topic/exporting-data?q=tlm
  3. http://support.timelinemaker.com/support/solutions/articles/1000083671-how-can-i-send-my-timeline-file-to-someone-else-and-ensure-they-receive-all-of-the-accompanying-linke
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