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File Format
Name The Print Shop
Extension(s) .nam, .dat, .pnm, .pog
PRONOM fmt/1299, fmt/1300, fmt/1301, x-fmt/168
Released 1984

The Print Shop is a desktop publishing application from Brøderbund. Released with names "The Print Shop", The Print Shop Deluxe", The Print Shop Professional", "The Print Shop Ensemble", "The Print Shop Premier", along with others.

Early versions of it stored clip art libraries in a pair of files whose names begin with "GR", and which apparently use extensions ".NAM" and ".DAT". The .NAM file contains names, and the .DAT file contains graphics.

A version of it named The New Print Shop used a variant format with filename extensions ".PNM" and ".POG".

There are many other file extensions, for different graphics formats, format versions, border graphics, fonts, etc. These include .PNG, .CNG, .PBG, .PBD, .POB, .PFN, .PNF, and probably many others. More research is needed here.


Format details

Format Compatibility

The Print Shop versions 20-23.1 can open files from the following[1]:

  • The Print Shop® version 10 and newer
  • American Greetings® CreataCard® 5 and newer
  • American Greetings® Spiritual Expressions 3 and newer
  • American Greetings® Print! Premium 3 and newer
  • PrintMaster® version 7 and newer

Click Art

A DAT file consists of a 572-byte raw bitmap segment for each (bi-level, 88×52) image. It is usually a multiple of 572 bytes in size.

POG files are apparently the same as DAT files, except that they begin with a 10-byte header.

The Print Shop versions 1-4

Deluxe Versions 1 (1992) to version 4 (1996) uses 5 - 7 extensions to identify project types. File headers begin with ascii PSDeluxe or PrintShopDeluxe.

Project Type Extension Project Type Extension
Banners .PDB Stationary .PDL
Calendars .PDC Signs & Posters .PDS
Certificates .PCC Cards .PDG
Labels .PDA

The Print Shop versions 5-6

Versions 5-6 (1997-1999) uses 15 different extensions, identical to earlier versions but different structure, to identify project types. Files are in a proprietary format, header begins with hex values "79 A6 00 00 49 49 49 49 38"

Project Type Extension Project Type Extension
Banners .PDB Letterhead .PDL
Blank Pages & Signs .PDS Online Greetings .PSO
Business Cards .PCB Pamphlets .PDP
Calendars .PDC Photo Pages .PHO
Certificates .PCC Postcards .PCP
Envelopes .PCE Post-It Notes .PPI
Greeting Cards .PDG Labels .PDA

The Print Shop versions 10-23.1

Versions 10-23.1 (2000-2010) uses 20 extensions to identify project types. All are in the "OLE2" document container format.

Project Type Extension Project Type Extension
Banners .BAN Half-fold Cards .HCR
Booklets & Brochures .BRO Labels .LBL
Business Cards .BIZ Letterhead .LET
Calendars .CAL Newsletters, Resumes, Albums .NWS
Cards .CAR Note Cards .NOT
Certificates .CER Postcards .PCR
Envelopes .ENV Quick Prints .PHP
Fax Sheets .FAX Transfers .TSH
Forms, Signs & Posters .SIG Web Pages .WEB
Crafts .CFT Stickers .STI

The Print Shop versions 2-5

Versions 2.0 (2010) through 5.0 (2019) use the file Format .PSproj for all projects. Software cannot open previous versions.

See also


  • PM_PS_BS.ZIP → PM-PS-BS.DOC - Has a description of NAM/DAT format


  • Deark
  • PSVU - DOS program that displays New Print Shop .POG/.PNM files.

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