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File Format
Name TeXnicard template
TeXnicard templates are classified as the following:
  • Major templates
  • Minor templates
    • Import templates
    • Export templates
    • Rendering templates

A TeXnicard template is a directory consisting of several files in the formats:

The names of the files in a template include:

  • callout
  • code (mandatory, but may be empty)
  • info (mandatory)
  • picture
  • schema (mandatory for major templates only)
  • svars
  • uvars

In addition to the above, a template may also include subdirectories.

The directory may be anywhere in the file system; a user configuration file maps URIs to the directory path. Graphics may be in any format; the user configuration file specifies what programs to use to decode them.

To determine the identification of the template, look in the info file. The line starting with "M:" is the URI identifying the major template (either this template is a major template, or it refers to the major template that this minor template belongs to). The line starting with "m:" is the URI identifying the minor template; for a major template, this line is omitted.

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