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We ought to try to better document and organize the dBase and FoxPro formats. I'm mainly just trying to figure out what articles we should have, and what they should be named. I started to research this, but it looks daunting (especially since I'm not really into database formats).

There are no fewer than 24 formats (and format versions) just in the PRONOM database. There are probably more than 20 standard file extensions. Some formats are used by DBase, some by FoxPro, some by Visual FoxPro, some by some subset of these. Some formats are DBF, some are DBF but are not called DBF, some are non-DBF. Then there are all the applications that use these formats, some of which invent their own names for them. Our article named FoxPro is just about the programming language, and probably ought to be renamed (but to what?). Jsummers (talk) 00:21, 20 February 2016 (UTC)

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