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ShrinkIt (written ShrinkIT in some versions) is a family of compression/archiving software for Apple II computers. It was developed by Andy Nicholas. It was created originally for the IIgs (relatively late in the history of the Apple II platform), but ported back to some of the other Apple II models.

Its native format is NuFX -- refer to NuFX for information about the format. The term "ShrinkIt" sometimes refers to the NuFX format, instead of just the software.

External links

See also NuFX#Links.

Supported formats

ShrinkIt 3.2 says it supports these formats:

  • NuFX (ShrinkIt)
  • NuFX (ShrinkIt) inside Binary II
  • NuFX (ShrinkIt) inside MacBinary
  • NuFX (ShrinkIt) from Macintosh America-Online
  • Binary II
  • Binary II inside Binary II
  • Binary II inside MacBinary
  • ACU (Applelink Compression Utility?)
  • ACU inside Binary II
  • ACU inside MacBinary
  • SQ (Squeeze?)
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