QDV (Random Dot Software)

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File Format
Name QDV (Random Dot Software)
Extension(s) .qdv
See also QDV (Giffer).

The QDV "Random Dot Software Graphic" format is apparently a graphic file format that exists, since it shows up in listings of supported formats for import/export by various software (including XnView), and has pages about it in a heap of the sites containing cookie-cutter pages on every conceivable file format or extension having little actual information but trying to get you to download their file-scanning or file-repair software which probably doesn't do anything in particular for this format.

Unfortunately, solid information about the format or the software it is native to is not readily findable. It is likely this format relates in some manner to "random dot image" stereograms, which look random unless you stare at them just right, when they resolve into stereoscopic images. These were popular in newspaper Sunday supplements for a time around the 1990s.


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