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File Format
Name OLE Automation Date

OLE Automation Date is one of the date/time formats used with Microsoft's OLE Automation API. It is used in some OLE Property Sets, for example.

It is also known as OLEAUT date, VARIANT DATE, variant time, VT_DATE, etc.

Format details

It is in the form of an 8-byte floating point number.

Positive values correspond to the number of days (including fractions of a day) since "midnight 1899-12-30". Apparently this means the midnight at the beginning of 1899-12-30, i.e. 48 hours before the beginning of the year 1900.

Negative values are interpreted in a more complex way.

The valid range is usually considered to be the years 100 through 9999.

Times are usually treated as being in local time.


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