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File Format
Name MyHeritage Family Tree Builder
Extension(s) .zed, .uzed, .ftb, .ftb-shm, .ftb-wal
Wikidata ID Q28777705
Released 2005

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is genealogy software for Windows.


File format

Versions 1 - 7

The ZEDCOM form is a proprietary GEDCOM form that MyHeritage uses inside ZEDCOM files. MyHeritage has not published any documentation for the ZEDCOM form.

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder (FTB) version 1 through 7 do not store your data in a database, but in a zipped text file with extension *.ZED or *.UZED.

Family Tree Builder version 1 through 6 use file extension *.ZED, Family Tree Builder 7 introduced *.UZED. The extra U in the file extension stands for Unicode.

  • Some information on the format
    • We invented a format called ZEDCOM which has a .ZED extension. It is really a zipped GEDCOM, much smaller in size than a GEDCOM and easier to send around. Our native format is a superset of GEDCOM in that it allows data fields to be saved in multiple languages.
    • The GEDCOM format, among its many deficiencies, calls for storing multimedia files with an absolute path. This prevents moving them around and makes it much more difficult to send a family tree with photos to another person. In our ZEDCOM format the paths are relative so your project will work wherever you place it, as long as the subfolder structure is preserved.

Version 8+

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder (FTB) version 8+ stores the data in SQLite database with the file extensions *.ftb, *.ftb-shm and *.ftb-wal.



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