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Monu-CAD is a CAD program for designing monuments and headstones. It is closed source and paid (both an up-front payment and a yearly subscription are required.) Monu-CAD is only for Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10). As of version 8, support for Windows 95 and up is unknown.

Monu-CAD requires a physical keylock in order to run, and the MCD and MCC files that it generates are saved in one of four security levels: "All Your Satellites", "Specific Satellite", "Only You", or "Masters Only".

Supported formats

This is currently a list of the native Monu-CAD formats.

Monu-CAD format Extensions Refer to Remarks
Monu-CAD Drawing .mcd MCD
Monu-CAD Component .mcc MCC
Monu-CAD Thumbnail .mtn MTN
Monu-CAD Plot .mcp MCP MCP files are HP Graphics Language files.
Monu-CAD Font .fnt FNT Fonts are stored in the same file format as MCD drawings.

This is a list of the formats that it claims to be able to import.

Format Extensions Refer to Remarks
AutoCAD dxf, dwg DXF, DWG It is unknown what versions of Autocad files it supports.
Generic CADD gcd GCD
Illustrator ai Adobe Illustrator Artwork It is unknown what versions of Illustrator files it supports.
Windows Metafile wmf, emf WMF, EMF
HPGL files txt, plt, hpg HP-GL HGPL is the HP Graphics Language.
ROA roa ROA I have no idea what an ROA file is.
Gerber plt Gerber format It is unknown what versions of Gerber plots it supports.
VersaCAD 2d, 2dl 2D, 2DL It is unknown what versions of VersaCAD it supports.

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