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MilkShape 3D is a 3D modeling program meant for manipulation of formats used in computer games released from 1998 to around 2007 (development, although apparently almost nothing beyond maintenance, nominally continued up to 2011). To anyone from thereafter, its primary potential use is in converting between a relatively large number (around 50) of these formats.

In addition to the models per se, MilkShake 3D can also convert skeletons and animation.

The following is a table of options listed in the import/export menu of version 1.8.5 Beta 2, the last version (from 2011). This is in addition to its native MilkShape model format.

As named in the Import/Export menus Import? Export?
3D Studio ASC import export
ASE export
Alias FBX import export
Alias FBX 2011.3.1 import export
AudoCAD DXF import export
Autodesk 3DS import export
BioVision Motion Capture BVH import
Blitz Basic 3D export
COLLADA export
Cal3D import export
DOOM3 MD5 Mesh import
DirectX (JT) export
DirectX 8.0 File export
GameStudio A5 MDL import export
GameStudio MDL7 import export
GenEdit 3dt export
Generic MAP export
Genesis3D BDY import export
Genesis3D MOT import export
Ghoul2 .GLM import export
Half-Life SMD import export
Jedi Knight 3do import
Kingpin MDX import
LightWave 6.5x LWO export
LightWave LWO import export
Lithium UnWrapper LUV import
MCM2 SLT Model export
Max Payne KF2/KFS/SKD import export
Maya import
MilkShape 3d ASCII import export
Nebula Script export
No One Lives Forever ABC import export
Orbiter Mesh ASCII export
POV-Ray 3.5 Include File export
POV-Ray INC export
Playstation TMD import
Q3Radiant MAP export
Quake III Arena MD3 import export
Quake2 MD2 import export
RAW import export
RTCW MDC import
RTCW MDC model import
Refractor2 export
Refractor2 SM import
RenderMan RIB export
Rough Spear QOB models import
Scene Description Format SDF export
Serious Sam MDL import export
Serious Sam SKA import export
Sims2 UniMesh Exporter import export
Sims2 UniMesh ObjX Data Split Import V4.09 import export
Softimage dotXSI 3.x export
Text import export
The Sims SKN import export
Torque DTS Plus export
Torque Game Engine DTS export
Unreal Engine Skeletal Mesh PSK import export
Unreal/UT 3d import export
Unreal/UT PSK/PSA import export
VRML 1 WRL export
VRML97 export
Vampire: the Masquerade NOD import export
Viewpoint Experience Technology export
Warcraft III MDX import
Wavefront OBJ import export
Wavefront OBJ (UV only) import
Yafray export
Zy-z JK-3do Exporter export


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