Leica Cyclone

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File Format
Name Leica Cyclone
Extension(s) .ptx, .pts
Wikidata ID Q29000658

PTX & PTS are ASCII based interchange formats for point cloud data. Compatible with the Leica Cyclone system.

PTX files contain more information from the LIDAR scan as well as registration information, PTS files are considered "Dumb" as they only contain point data.[1]

File Identification

PTX & PTS files are ASCII text formatted with a few header lines and then point data[2][3][4]:

number of columns
number of rows 
st1 st2 st3 ; scanner registered position 
sx1 sx2 sx3 ; scanner registered axis 'X' 
sy1 sy2 sy3 ; scanner registered axis 'Y' 
sz1 sz2 sz3 ; scanner registered axis 'Z' 
r11 r12 r13 0 ; transformation matrix 
r21 r22 r23 0 ; this is a simple rotation and translation 4x4 matrix 
r31 r32 r33 0 ; just apply to each point to get the transformed coordinate 
tr1 tr2 tr3 1 ; use double-precision variables 

Sample Files


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