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File Format
Name Kai's Power Tools
Extension(s) .goo, .sfp, .shp, .brc, .br3, .br4, .obp
Wikidata ID Q105850631
Released 1992

Kai Krause[1] started Kai's Power Tools (KPT) in 1992 under the HSC Software Corp. name. He later merged MetaTools with Fractal Design to create MetaCreations[2] in 1997, which carried the Kai's Power Tools[3] name until bought by Corel in 2000[4]. KPT was a very popular plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, other software marketed by MetaCreations was Painter, Bryce3D, Kai's Vector Effects, Kai's Power Goo, Kai's Soap, Kai's Power SHOW, Poser, Ray Dream, Infini-D, Carrara, and others. [5][6]

File Information

Many of the MetaCreations file formats used a common format specification. CCmF or a Resource Composite File.

Many of the formats begin with the ascii: CCmF - Universal - Axiom - AGP - Composite File Management System (Universal) - Created by Andrea Pessino, December 1995 (vers. 5) - Copyright(c) 1995-96 by MetaTools, Inc. - Proudly made in the USA, land of the free, home of the brave.

Other's like Bryce3D would have near the header: CCmFile::kIdentify4

Andrea Pessino commented on the format: https://twitter.com/AndreaPessino/status/1216225936724520960

Software 7 Samples


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