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File Format
Name Gemini
Extension(s) .gmi
MIME Type(s) text/gemini
Released 2020

Gemini is a simplified hypertext format with capabilities between Markdown and Gopher. It is designed for use with the Gemini protocol.

Format details

The possible lines can be:

  • Normal text: Any line that doesn't match the other formats. Automatically applies wrapping; each paragraph should be entirely on one line. There is no formatting codes.
  • Preformatted text: Write ``` and then the alt text on one line, and then all of the rest of the lines up to the next line with ``` by itself should be rendered as fixed-pitch text and not automatically wrapped; it should be displayed as is.
  • Link: Starts => and then optional whitespaces (one or more spaces and/or tabs) and then a URL (it can be absolute or relative to the current document), and then optionally followed by more whitespaces and the link text.
  • List item: A line starting with * and is like a normal text line.
  • Quotation: A line starting with > like a normal text line. An implementation might display a border or > to the left of each resulting line after it is wrapped (only the ones corresponding to this single input line).
  • Heading: A line starting with one or more # signs. The number of # signs denotes the heading level; # is the top level heading like <H1> in HTML, and ## is the second level heading like <H2> in HTML, etc.


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