Eyeglass file format (Ross Spencer)

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File Format
Name Eyeglass file format (Ross Spencer)
Extension(s) .eygl

The Eyeglass file format is an example file format developed by digital preservation researcher Ross Spencer to illustrate the process of creating file formats. It is not known to have been put to any actual use in the optical industry, but might be capable of doing so, as it encodes the standard pieces of information which are part of an eyeglass prescription.

Spencer wrote a blog post explaining the choices that went into devising the file format, and created a Github site hosting some Python code and a sample data file.

File indentification

Files begin with the hex bytes BB 0D 0A 65 79 65 67 6C 61 73 73 1A 0A AB, and ends with BB 65 6f 66.

Sample files


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