Domesday Duplicator

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File Format
Name Domesday Duplicator
Extension(s) .lds,.raw,.ldf

Domesday Duplicator captures raw Laserdisc data using a custom FPGA board attached to the player.

It allow high-quality back-ups of the analogue information contained on the laserdiscs by bypassing most of the 30-year-old electronics in the players. Direct RF sampling also allows all information on the LaserDiscs to be stored (unlike conventional RGB sampling of the video output). Since AIV LaserDiscs are a combination of video, pictures, sound and data (as well as numerous VBI streams), direct RF sampling is the preferred method of preservation.

  • .lds (Laser Disc Sample) - '10-bit packed unsigned data', smallest possible file size for captures.
  • .raw - '16-bit signed scaled data', uses more disk space but is directly compatible with sample editors such as Audacity and is therefore useful when setting up, testing a capture system or analysing results from a capture.
  • .ldf - an .lds that's been FLAC compressed with ld-compress

.ldf represents raw LaserDisc RF captured at 40 Million Samples Per Second (MSPS) with each sample being 10-bits.

Lower sample rates and other bit-depths such as 8-bit & 16-bit are possible


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