CCE MC-1000 BASIC tokenized file

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File Format
Name CCE MC-1000 BASIC tokenized file
Released 1985

The CCE MC-1000 was a Brazilian home computer system released in 1985. It used a version of the BASIC programming language which, similarly to other BASICs of its time, was stored in a tokenized manner. The tokenized BASIC program could be found in memory starting at location 03D5 hex (981 decimal), where, by PEEKing what is there when a program is in memory, you could determine what token values correspond to which commands. PRINT is represented by 97 hex (151 decimal), for instance. "High-bit-set" values (128-255 decimal) are used for tokens, while 7-bit ASCII characters generally stand for themselves. The null character (0) is used as a line terminator, while the line number is found in binary (little-endian) prior to the tokenized line (with another two-byte field preceding it). These programs were often saved to cassettes.


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