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File Format
Name Android Recovery Mode Backup
Extension(s) .backup, .backup1, .backup2, .backup3, etc.

Android Recovery Mode backups are files created by Android used to backup user data in recovery mode. This is useful in cases where system files are corrupted and you need to factory reset, but need to keep your data. Go to the recovery mode in to backup these to an SD card. However, you need an SD card big enough and an SD card that is compatible with your phone and OS version. It is mostly unknown what these files are. I don't even have a sample. Try extracting one with the 7Zip software. Backups may be split into smaller backup1 and backup2 and backup3 and etc files. It is normally named userdata_yyyymmdd_HHMMSS.backup. Only some devices like this one and that one and also this one has backup options.



I have finally recovered all of my data from my broken android smart phone, the only option i was left was to access the boot menu of my phone in the boot menu i backed up all of my data to sd card in the form of three files name userdata_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxx.backup 1 and 2. finally i found a solution how to extract the data from these files watch the video and subcribe bellow the detail information of these files and the commands used to extract data from these files. on ubuntu (linux) and windows operating system There were no exact information about their format. Appeared, that it is single Linux Ext4 divided into several 2Gb blocks. Each block has 512 byte header unnecessary for us. Run unix dd utility (or dd.exe under Windows, or even bbcopy.exe) to reconstruct Ext4 image in single file. Do it on partition supporting large files above 2Gb (NTFS, Linux Ext4, FBSD UFS, etc.) Commands used in the video dd if=userdata_20100101_000617.backup skip=512 bs=128k iflag=nocache,skip_bytes oflag=nocache,append conv=notrunc of=img.ext4 dd if=userdata_20100101_000617.backup1 skip=512 bs=128k iflag=nocache,skip_bytes oflag=nocache,append conv=notrunc of=img.ext4 dd if=userdata_20100101_000617.backup2 skip=512 bs=128k iflag=nocache,skip_bytes oflag=nocache,append conv=notrunc of=img.ext4 for mounting using ext4 file use the following command /mnt/xam is for the directory mount -t ext4 -o loop img.ext4 /mnt/

you can open the ext4 file in 7zip on windows operating system


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