ARC (FreeArc)

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File Format
Name ARC (FreeArc)
Extension(s) .arc
PRONOM fmt/1096

FreeArc fills the urgent need of the computer community for another archiving program which produces files with a .arc extension that are not compatible with any of the files with a .arc extension produced by other archivers that are not compatible with one another's files either.

Its official site (when it still existed; at last check it's a domain parking page) featured downloads of Windows and Linux versions of FreeArc, documentation which appears to be translated from Russian (don't use the table-of-contents links at the top of the documentation, as they inexplicably fail to link to the anchors within the document itself and instead go off to some Russian translation site), a "community forum" section with such scintillating message threads as "Buy metronidazole 500mg online no prescription.", and a downloadable set of source code which might be of use to somebody attempting to figure out the details of the file format, since the documentation doesn't give this sort of detail.

Sample files


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