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* [ Some thoughts about the PSD format]
* [ Some thoughts about the PSD format]
* [ Rant about PSD format in comments of a program's source code]
* [ Rant about PSD format in comments of a program's source code]
* [ PSD is not my favourite file format]

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File Format
Name PSD
Extension(s) .psd
MIME Type(s) image/vnd.adobe.photoshop
LoCFDD fdd000523
PRONOM x-fmt/92
Wikidata ID Q2141903
Released ≥1990

PSD is the native layered raster graphics file format of the Adobe Photoshop program line. The format has gone through multiple versions, each being downwards (but not always upwards) compatible.

PSD is a partially-documented proprietary format. It is very large and complex. Despite this, decoding the primary image of a PSD file is often fairly simple. If an application claims to support PSD, that could mean just about anything.


[edit] Format details

[edit] Compression

Images are usually compressed with PackBits, or uncompressed. "Zip" compression, which apparently means zlib, is also supported.

[edit] Text encoding

PSD files often contain both Unicode and non-Unicode text. It's not clear whether there is a good way to determine the encoding of the non-Unicode text. Some sources claim MacRoman, which is true in many cases, but other encodings have been observed.

[edit] Identification

PSD files begin with bytes '8' 'B' 'P' 'S' 0x00 0x01.

[edit] See Also

See Photoshop for other related formats.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Software

[edit] Viewers, editors, and converters

[edit] Libraries and tools

[edit] Sample files

[edit] Links

See also Photoshop#Links.

[edit] Commentary

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