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CFP can also refer to Complete Fax Portable, listed in the Fax formats page.
File Format
Name CFP
Extension(s) .cfp
Endianness Little-Endian

CFP (Compressed Floating Point) is a format used in The Sims to store animations. These files are referenced in CMX/BCF files in the "skills" section, to define the animated movements a character performs.

The data consists of a series of short IEEE floating point numbers (little endian), defining offsets and rotations, encoded in a manner that is more compact than raw IEEE data.

Values unable to be encoded in any of the several methods used for this are stored as five byte sequences starting with 0xFF, which is followed by a four-byte IEEE floating point number.

Other values can compactly encode repeats of the same number or repeats with a slight delta (difference).

Format description

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