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File Format
Name XML Sharable Playlist
Extension(s) .xspf
Released v1.1 2006-11, v1 2005-03, v0 2004-05

XML Sharable Playlist (XSPF) (pronounced "spiff") is an open playlist format based on XML.

It provides no information about the metadata within or about the file present in the playlist. This is a deliberate decision not to compete with the already existing formats, and because metadata answers a completely different question than a playlist format. Metadata may, however, be linked from the playlist and will be loaded in accordance with the format of those files.


See http://xspf.org/xspf-v1.html


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<playlist version="1" xmlns="http://xspf.org/ns/0/">

In this example there are three songs in the playlist. The first one is on the local computer. The second one is on the HTTP server. And the final one is on the FTP server. It should be noted that local files are still to be recorded via the URI, not simply as a path.


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