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* [[Open Web App Manifest]] (.webapp)
* [[Open Web App Manifest]] (.webapp)
* [[PHP]]
* [[PHP]]
* [[React]]
* [[Server Side Includes]]
* [[Server Side Includes]]
* [[Shockwave (Director)]]
* [[Shockwave (Director)]]

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File Format
Name Web
Released 1990


Formats connected with the World Wide Web, though most of them overlap into other categories; basically everything that can be put in a file format of any sort can be put on the Web, and a multiplicity of types of documents, graphics, audio, video, markup, programming languages, and more, are used there. The Web is a variety of hypermedia, by far the most successful one.


[edit] Blogging and web hosting platforms

[edit] Cloud platforms

[edit] Content management systems

[edit] Development software

[edit] Feeds, syndication, and metadata

  • Atom (syndication format)
  • h-entry (Microformats, was part of HAtom until split and renamed in microformats2)
  • h-feed (Microformats, was part of HAtom until split and renamed in microformats2)
  • hListing (Microformats; product/service listings)
  • hMedia (Microformats; image/video/audio metadata)
  • hNews (Microformats; news articles)
  • h-resume (Microformats; resumes/CVs)
  • h-review (Microformats; ratings/reviews)
  • opencomic (syndication of webcomics)
  • OPML
  • RDF
    • RDFa (linked data in HTML)
  • RSS

[edit] Markup, documents and data

[edit] Program/system-specific files (browser/server/OS/etc)

[edit] General

[edit] Specific

[edit] Protocols and parameters

[edit] Scripts/Applets/Plug-Ins/Frameworks/APIs/Templating

[edit] Site dumps, multi-file packaging, and offline reading

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] See also

See also E-Mail, newsgroups, and forums (a number of web-based messaging/social-networking things are there)

[edit] External links

[edit] History

[edit] Privacy and security

[edit] Commentary

[edit] Tools and utilities

[edit] Other

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