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File Format
Name RISC OS filetype

RISC OS filetype, or Acorn filetype, is a system of 12-bit file type identifiers used on RISC OS. It is essentially the RISC OS equivalent of a filename extension. A filetype is usually written as three hexadecimal characters, like "FF9".

Format details

A number of RISC OS archive formats have a 32-bit "load address" field. If the three high nibbles of this field are all 0xf, then the next three nibbles contain the filetype.[1] Formats that have such a field include ArcFS, Spark, Squash, and ZIP (in extra field #0x4341).

Sometimes, when a RISC OS file is transferred to a foreign system, its filetype is appended to the filename, separated with a comma.

Lists of filetypes

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