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File Format
Name Kotlin
Extension(s) .kt
Wikidata ID Q3816639

Kotlin is a statically typed, object-oriented programming language for the JVM and the browser. (There are also versions based on JavaScript.) It resembles Apple's Swift language, but preceded it. It can be used for client or server side development, as well as to create Android apps similarly to the use of Swift to create iOS apps. It was developed by Russians. The Kotlin Foundation has offices in several European countries.

Variables and structures in Kotlin come in mutable and immutable varieties, indicating whether their values can be changed after being set for the first time.

Among the features is a Groovy-style 'html' function to build an HTML document from structured data encoding its elements. JavaScript-based variants can also access the HTML DOM of a web document, and do graphics using the HTML5 canvas.

The Kotlin keyword for defining a function is 'fun', so programming in Kotlin is clearly more fun than with any other language.


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