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File Format
Name ITunes backup
iTunes backups are backups made by Apple iTunes and contain most of the data of any iOS-based device. Mac users use Time Machine. They can be encrypted. On newer iOS versions, some data can only be backed up with encrypted backups. The backups themselves are files with a random string and can be opened individually with FilExt. Backups can be browsed with iMazing or iExplorer. Backups of an iPhone connected to an Apple Watch contain the Apple watch's backup. These backups can be compressed.


Stuff ONLY included in encrypted backups

  • Safari History
  • Keychain data (passwords)
  • Health data
  • Activity data
  • WiFi passwords/settings
  • Call logs

Stuff NOT Included in iTunes backups

  • Your device passcode/password
  • App packages (IPA)
  • App Cache and Temporary files
  • Stuff downloaded from iTunes
  • PDFs downloaded to Apple Books
  • Content synced from iTunes
  • Data stored in iCloud, which need to be downloaded separately.
  • Face ID data (faces)
  • Touch ID data (fingerprint files)
  • Apple Pay settings and data
  • Apple Mail downloaded mails
  • Logs (if you use iTunes they are there when synced)

Apple Watch

  • Bluetooth pairings
  • Credit or debit cards that are used for Apple Pay on your Apple Watch
  • Passcode for your Apple Watch
  • Messages (backed up to iCloud, download separately)
  • Logs
  • App packages

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