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File Format
Name Google Takeout
Google Takeout is a Google service that provides an archived copy of data associated with a Google account (an account on all Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and more).


ArchiveTeam HIGHLY recommends taking out your primary school (Elementary, middle, high) when you complete it.

  1. Nostalgia - checking your old work
  2. Future use - Colleges and businesses might need old work.
  3. Personal data - Sometimes you store non-school files on school services, or you do non-school things during school.


Google Takeout offers a near complete backup of your data straight from the cloud. Please send feedback to google if you realize something’s missing.

Note: please enable: Access log activity and click the gear icon in google drive and tick the 2 boxes for the maximum amount of data.

Services NOT included in takeout

  • Android Google Drive Backups
  • Feedburner data (go to the feedburner website to export it yourself)
  • Google drive WhatsApp backups, pretty much the same deal as iCloud WhatsApp Backups
  • Chrome canvas data
  • Chrome cursive data
  • Feedback made by the icon
  • Google custom search engine data
  • Google Alerts data
  • Google 9-square launcher icon configuration
  • Google drive "private app data"
  • Google Scholar data
  • Teachable Machine Data
  • Management-related data (cpu usage, etc)
  • Find my mobile location data
  • Google drive and workplace settings
  • (unconfirmed) Some Google Chrome sync data other than those listed.
  • Recently permanently deleted data
  • Possibly more…
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