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File Format
Name Go
Extension(s) .go
Released 2009
This article is about the programming language developed by Google. For some formats associated with the board game, see Saved Games#Board and card games.

The programming language Go was released by Google in 2009 (not to be confused with an earlier unrelated programming language called "Go!", with an exclamation point, or for that matter the Japanese board game Go, the space in Monopoly at which you collect $200, or what your bratty sister yells at you if you wait too long without making your move in any board game).

The syntax of Go is similar to C, but with semicolons optional. It is a compiled language, but designed to compile so fast it practically acts like an interpreted language. Garbage collection is built in. It has object-oriented features, but without type inheritance.

Its fast compilation (and thus ability to run immediately as if it were an interpreted language, giving the "instant gratification" of the interpreted languages like BASIC that were common in the old days) is illustrated in the official site, where there is a web form where you can type or paste in any Go program and execute it on the spot.


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