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File Format
Name Elixir
Extension(s) .ex, .exs
Released 2011

Elixir is a functional programming language that builds on Erlang and uses its virtual machine.

As with Clojure, the number of arguments a function takes is referred to as its "arity". Functions of the same name and different arity can coexist.

Most languages these days include in their data structures a form of associative array, and Elixir is no exception; its version is called a "map" (there's also a specialized variant called "keyword list"), and it allows any of its data types to be a key in a map; yes, you can even have a map using other maps as keys (which probably belongs in the category of things you can do in this language but probably shouldn't). When a map is displayed in its entirety, you can see the intrinsic sorting order for Elixir values, which extends across all of its data types so that a number like 3 unambiguously sorts before a string like 'abc'. Also, there are two distinct types of strings, using single and double quotes, so 'abc' and "abc" are distinct values and 'abc' sorts before "abc"; 'zzz' even sorts before "aaa". Got it?


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