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File Format
Name Corel Designer
Extension(s) .des
Released 2003

Corel Designer is a engineering and graphic design application which belongs to the Corel Draw Technical Suite. Originally Micrografx Draw, Corel purchased in 2001.

File Identification

Corel Designer 9 was Micrografx last release, Designer 10-12 was based on the RIFF format, while X4-onward is based on ZIP/XML format with X4-X5 wrapped around a .CDR. PRONOM binary signatures needed.

Format / Version Ext. RIFF type PRONOM Year
Designer 9.0 .dsf n/a x-fmt/151 2002
Designer 10.0 .des DESA 2003
Designer 10.5 .des DESB
Designer 12.0 .des DESC 2006
Designer X4 .des DESE 2008
Designer X5 .des DESF 2010
Designer 16 .des DESG 2013
Designer 17 .des DESH 2014
Designer 19 .des DESI 2017
Designer 20 .des DESJ 2018
Designer 21 .des DESK 2019


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