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[[Category:ZIP based file formats]]

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For the successor format, see BootSkin Vista.
File Format
Name BootSkin XP
Extension(s) .bootskin
Released 2003  ?[1]

"BootSkin XP" is the name of a format, used by a program of the same name, that allows users to change the Windows boot screen. BootSkin XP files are a ZIP file containing[2]:

  • a 640x480, 4-bit color BMP image to be displayed at startup;
  • another BMP image, 22x9 pixels, 4-bit color, to be displayed as the progress bar;
  • a file in the INI format called "bootskin.ini" containing metadata.

Support was dropped around mid-late 2008[3] in favor of BootSkin Vista (which is often conflated with BootSkin XP under the name "BootSkin").

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