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File Format
Name Aussie++
Extension(s) .aussie
Released 2021

Aussie++ is a spoof programming language inspired by a Reddit thread, whose syntax and keywords are based on Australian slang. There is also a mode where its keywords are expressed in "upside-down" (down-under) characters in Unicode. "Boomerangs" (angle brackets <>) are used instead of curly braces. The time function in one of its standard libraries always returns Melbourne time.

Programs in Aussie++ always begin with G'DAY MATE! and end with CHEERS C***!. Initializing variables is done with the I RECKON keyword, like I RECKON x = 5;. "If" statements begin with YA RECKON. Loops can be done with "walkabout" constructs like I RECKON I'LL HAVE A WALKABOUT UNTIL. A true boolean value is NAH, YEAH, while a false one is YEAH, NAH, and NIL is BUGGER ALL. Output is done using the GIMME statement.


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