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This is the top of the Ontology.

This is naturally an in-flux directory of categorizations and names - it should not be considered in stone.
The goal is to be inclusive of all things File Format throughout all of human existence and material.

Electronic File Formats
The heart of this project: the myriad electronic information containers of the past century.
Examples: 3D Models · Audio · Camera/Digital Image Sensor Files · Interactive Fiction · Video

Physical File Formats
Containers for information in the physical realm.
Examples: Floppy Disks · Photographic Film · Piano Rolls · Videotape

Organic File Formats
File Formats found in nature or encoded in living beings.
Examples: Tree Rings · DNA · RNA

Spoken, gestural or written encoding intended for beings to communicate with other beings or machines.
Examples: Spoken Languages · Written Languages · Programming Languages

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