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File Format
Name Windows 1.0 Cursor
Extension(s) .cur

The Windows 1.x variant of the CUR format is used in Microsoft Windows versions 1 and 2 to define mouse pointer shapes. It has little in common with the CUR format used by Windows 3 and above.


Files begin with a little-endian word, which is one of:

Value Meaning
0003 Device-Independent Format
0103 Device-Dependent Format
0203 Both formats

This is followed by a 12-byte header describing the cursor bitmap:

Offset Type Meaning
0000 WORD csHotX, X-coordinate of hot spot
0002 WORD csHotY, Y-coordinate of hot spot
0004 WORD csWidth, width of bitmap in pixels
0006 WORD csHeight, height of bitmap in pixels
0008 WORD csWidthBytes, width of bitmap in bytes
000A WORD csColor, cursor color

Two bitmaps come after the header, each csHeight * csWidthBytes bytes long. The first bitmap is ANDed with the screen pattern; then the second is XORed on top of it.

If the file is in 'Both formats' format, the cursor header and bitmaps will then be repeated.

See also

Sample files

  • Samples can be found in the Windows 2.x DDK, or generated with the Windows 1.x / 2.x icon editor ICONEDIT.
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