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File Format
Name Poser Scene
Extension(s) .pz3
Type Code PZ3F
Wikidata ID Q1604323
Released 1998

Poser is a 3D modeling graphics program for posing, rendering, animating human and animals in a poly mesh form, developed by Fractal Design and sold to MetaCreations for a time.[1] There are many file formats related to the Poser software[2][3][4], one being the main Poser Scene version 4 format with extension .PZ3. Other related formats are PZ2, PP2, CR2, OBJ, and many more.[5] Poser Bump Maps are raster images used by the software.

File Identification

PZ3 files are plain ascii text files, but begin with:[6]


version { number 4 }

movieInfo {


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