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File Format
Name Photoshop brush
Extension(s) .abr

Photoshop brush (ABR) is a file format used by Adobe Photoshop for brushes (graphics, and information about brush behavior).


Format details

There are at least two different ABR formats, which we'll call "old format" and "new format". The first two bytes of the file are the major version number.

Old format

Known major version numbers: 1, 2

This format is documented in old versions of the Photoshop file formats specification.

New format

Known major version numbers: 6, 7

This format is not publicly documented by Adobe.

Some guesses about the format: Minor version number is at offset 2. This signature "8BIM" appears at offset 4; it and the rest of the file constitute a series of tagged blocks (the basic structure of which is publicly documented). The known block types are 'samp', 'patt', and 'desc'. The format of 'samp' is unknown (v6.1 appears to be different from later versions). The format of 'patt' is the same as that of 'Patt' (which is publicly documented). The 'desc' block contains a descriptor.


Old format

New format


Sample files

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