Lotus Manuscript graphics

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File Format
Name Lotus Manuscript graphics
Extension(s) .bit, .rle
Released ~1986

Lotus Manuscript was a word processor for DOS. It apparently had native .BIT and .RLE raster graphics formats.

File structure

This section is based on educated guesswork, from observing the behavior of ART2WP and TGL+.

Files have a 9-byte header. Byte order is little-endian.

Offset  Size  Description
------  ----  -----------
0       1     ASCII 'B' for BIT format, 'R' for RLE
1       2     Dots per inch (don't know if x or y)
3       2     Dots per inch
5       2     Height in pixels
7       2     Width in bytes. Multiply by 8 to get width in pixels.
9       var.  Image data

RLE image data uses a simple pixel-oriented format. Each byte encodes a run of white or black pixels. The high bit is the color. The low 7 bits are the number of pixels, with an encoded value of 0 meaning 128.



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