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File Format
Name Health and Medicine


Biomedical signals (time series)

  • ACQ (AcqKnowledge)
  • BCI2000 (The BCI2000 project)
  • BioSemi (BDF) data format
  • BKR (EEG data format)
  • CFWB (Chart Data File Format)
  • DICOM-Waveform (An extension of Dicom for storing waveform data)
  • ecgML (A markup language for electrocardiogram data acquisition and analysis)
  • EDF/EDF+ (European Data Format)
  • FEF (File Exchange Format for Vital signs, CEN TS 14271)
  • GDF v1.x (General Data Format for biomedical signals - Version 1.x)
  • GDF v2.x (The General Data Format for biomedical signals - Version 2.x)
  • HL7aECG (Health Level 7 v3 annotated ECG)
  • OpenXDF (Open Exchange Data Format)
  • SCP-ECG (Standard Communication Protocol for Computer assisted electrocardiography)
  • SIGIF (A digital SIGnal Interchange Format)
  • WFDB (Format of Physiobank)

Genetic data

Medical Imaging

  • Analyze AVW
  • BioRad (Biorad confocal image)
  • BRIK/HEAD (Voxel data from AFNI programs, dual-file (data and metadata, repectively))
  • DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (.dcm))
  • gii (NIfTI offspring for brain surface data, single-file (combined data and meta-data) style)
  • IMG/HDR (ANALYZE or NIfTI voxel data, dual-file (separate data and metadata, respectively))
  • MGH (uncompressed)
  • MGZ (zip-compressed)
  • MINC (Medical Imaging NetCDF format; since version 2.0, based on HDF5 (.mnc))
  • NII (Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative (NIfTI) voxel data, single-file (combined data and metadata))
  • OME-TIFF (Open Microscopy Imaging format)
  • OME-XML (Open Microscopy Imaging format)
  • OST (Open Spatio-Temporal) (extensible, open alternative for microscope images)
  • SDM (Signed Differential Mapping- brain maps(.sdm))
  • TRK (Vector data describing tracts of neurons, used by TrackVis)
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