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File Format
Name CP862
Wikidata ID Q1105760
IANA aliases IBM862, cp862, 862, csPC862LatinHebrew
IANA MIBenum 2013
Code Page 862
CFStringEncoding 1047

Code Page 862 (CP862, DOS 862, DOS CP862, DOS Hebrew) is an 8-bit character encoding. It is a member of the family of MS-DOS encodings intended for use with the Hebrew language. The lower half is the same as CP437 (and ASCII), and the upper half has Hebrew letters and a few other things such as box drawing characters and some symbols (including a few Greek letters but not the whole Greek alphabet; they're apparently there for use in mathematics). Due to lack of bidirectional support in old computer systems, characters of the right-to-left-written Hebrew alphabet were often stored in visual rather than logical order, though some programs did store them in logical order.


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