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Software > Graphics software > AutoCAD
This article is about the software. For the main AutoCAD file formats, see DWG and DXF.

AutoCAD is a popular CAD (computer-aided design) application developed by Autodesk. It has a large number of file formats associated with it.

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Format cross-reference

Format Version Ext. PRONOM References and remarks
DWG .dwg, .dwt ... Refer to DWG
DXF .dxf ... Refer to DXF
Drawing Interchange Format Style Extract .dxx x-fmt/52
DXB .dxb fmt/54 Refer to DXB
AutoLisp .lsp, .mnl ... Refer to AutoLISP
AutoCAD ACIS Export File .sat x-fmt/98
AutoCAD Batch Plot File 1.0-R14 .bp2, .bpl x-fmt/26
AutoCAD Batch Plot File 2000-2005 .bp3 x-fmt/27
AutoCAD Block Attribute Template .blk x-fmt/24
AutoCAD Colour-Dependant Plot Style Table .ctb x-fmt/37
AutoCAD Custom Dictionary .cus x-fmt/38
AutoCAD dbConnect Query Set .dbq x-fmt/39
AutoCAD dbConnect Template Set .dbt x-fmt/40
AutoCAD External Database Configuration File .udl x-fmt/112
AutoCAD Database File Locking Information .dwl x-fmt/441
AutoCAD Design Web Format 6.0 .dwf x-fmt/49
AutoCAD Design Web Format (DWFx) .dwfx fmt/977
AutoCAD Drawing Standards File .dws x-fmt/50
AutoCAD Film Roll .flm x-fmt/155
AutoCAD Font Mapping Table .fmp x-fmt/54
AutoCAD Hatch Pattern .pat fmt/1103
AutoCAD Last Saved Layer State .las x-fmt/59
AutoCAD Linetype Definition File .lin x-fmt/60
AutoCAD Landscape Library .lli x-fmt/61
AutoCAD Compiled Menu .mnc x-fmt/68
AutoCAD Menu Resource File .mnr, .mnt x-fmt/70
AutoCAD Source Menu File .mns x-fmt/71
AutoCAD Template Menu File .mnu x-fmt/72
AutoCAD Plot Configuration File 1.0-R13 .pcp x-fmt/79
AutoCAD Plot Configuration File R14 .pc2 x-fmt/77
AutoCAD Plot Configuration File 2000 .pc3 x-fmt/78
AutoCAD Named Plot Style Table .stb x-fmt/107
AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter File .adi x-fmt/134
AutoCAD Script .scr x-fmt/100
AutoCAD Compiled Shape/Font File .shx x-fmt/103
AutoCAD Slide .sld x-fmt/105 Refer to AutoCAD Slide
AutoCAD Slide Library .slb x-fmt/104 Refer to AutoCAD Slide Library
AutoCAD Xref Log .xlg x-fmt/127
AutoCAD Temporary File .ac$ fmt/1257
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