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(Audio and sequencer software)
(Metadata formats and related data)
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* [[APE tag]]
* [[APE tag]]
* [[Argoknot]]
* Cue Sheet - See [[CUE and BIN]]
* Cue Sheet - See [[CUE and BIN]]
* [[ELAN Annotation Format]]
* [[ELAN Annotation Format]]

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File Format
Name Audio and Music

Musical notation

Musical notation

Electronic Formats concerned with audio and musical data, including sound recording, instrument control, musical notation, etc.

For additional multimedia formats that may contain audio, see Video.


[edit] Introduction

[edit] Album formats

(files containing entire music albums, with some track structure)

[edit] Audio and sequencer software

[edit] Audio recording and sound waves

[edit] Chiptune

[edit] Configuration files

  • X2A (Yamaha S70xs/S90xs keyboard workstations)

[edit] Container formats

[edit] Converters

[edit] Emulated music

[edit] Game audio and music

(see also Game data files)

[edit] Identifiers of musical works, recordings, artists, etc.

[edit] Metadata formats and related data

[edit] Music trackers

(For more on this subject, listen to Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: The Music Tracker Episode.)

[edit] Musical instrument control

[edit] Musical notation

[edit] Playlists, music libraries, music store downloaders

[edit] Programming languages and APIs (audio/music-specific)

[edit] Ringtones

[edit] Signal processing

These aren't specific file formats, but generic mathematical methods used by other file formats.

[edit] Sound card related formats

[edit] Speech synthesis

[edit] Unclassified (need to move to other categories)

See the Open Cubic Player homepage for a list of demo formats:

See also Piano Rolls (which is under the Physical File Formats).

[edit] Links

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