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* [ cvtmovie] - ANIM-J information and extractor
* [ cvtmovie] - ANIM-J information and extractor
* [[FFmpeg]]
* [[FFmpeg]]
* [ iff-convert]
== Sample files ==
== Sample files ==

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File Format
Extension(s) .anim, .sndanim, others
Wikidata ID Q4652973
Released 1988
Distinct from DeluxePaint Animation (Anim or ANM) files.

ANIM is an animated raster graphics format that was widely used on Amiga computers.

It uses the IFF container format. The first frame is usually (more or less) in the form of an embedded ILBM file. The other frames use one of a number of available schemes for storing the differences from a previous frame.

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[edit] Format details

[edit] Frame operations

Each frame (except possibly the first frame) has an ANHD chunk with an "operation" field, which tells how that frame's pixel data is structured, compressed, etc. Usually, for a given ANIM file, all frames with a nonzero operation use the same operation.

Only operations 0, 5, and 7 are reasonably common.

Known operations:

Operation Name Description Remarks
0 direct ILBM Frame uses the ILBM image format. The actual compression method (usually PackBits) is given by a field in the frame's BMHD chunk.
1 ANIM-1, ANIM1 XOR ILBM Rarely supported.
2 ANIM-2, ANIM2 long delta Rarely supported.
3 ANIM-3, ANIM3 short delta
4 ANIM-4, ANIM4 generalized delta Rarely supported.
5 ANIM-5, ANIM5 byte vertical delta The most common frame format.
6 ANIM-6, ANIM6 stereo byte vertical delta Rarely supported.
7 ANIM-7, ANIM7 generalized vertical delta, separate data
8 ANIM-8, ANIM8 generalized vertical delta, inline data
74 ANIM-J, ANIM-74 Eric Graham's format. Used by Sculpt 3D, etc. More than a frame format, ANIM-J is an extension that supports more sophisticated playback.
100 ANIM32 long vertical Reportedly used by Scala Multimedia/MM400 and InfoChannel/IC500.
101 ANIM16 short vertical Reportedly used by Scala Multimedia/MM400 and InfoChannel/IC500.
108 ANIM-l (That's a lowercase L - ASCII 108.) Reportedly by Eric Graham.

[edit] Audio

There are at least a couple of extensions that add audio to an ANIM file.

  • .sndanim: Refer to AnimFX's documentation of the SXHD and SBDY chunks.
  • An extension based on 8SVX.

[edit] Identification

Files begin with bytes 'F' 'O' 'R' 'M' ?? ?? ?? ?? 'A' 'N' 'I' 'M'.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files


By type:

See also AnimBrush#Sample files.

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